Electrolysis Types

Three Types of Electrolysis


Galvanic electrolysis is the original method of the three types.  It was invented well over 100 years ago and has stood the test of time as far as safety and permanency is concerned.

Advances in technology have radically improved the comfort and efficiency of the procedure where the days of poor standards, constant re-growth and discomfort are now things of the past. 

In fact, many regard Galvanic as the 'gold standard' of electrolysis because of its well known reliability and effectiveness for permanent hair removal. It has by far the lowest amount of re-growth and is the most certain method of permanent hair removal.

A small direct current is passed down the needle. The needle acts as a conductor to carry the current to the base of the hair follicle and dermal papilla.  It produces a chemical reaction in the saline tissue to produce lye within the follicle, which destroys the lower hair follicle and dermal papilla to provide permanent results.

Our advanced method utilises multiple needles each on their own computerised timers.

This process drastically speeds up the permanent clearance of any hair on any part of the body - it is the most efficient and effective process for permanent hair removal - which means that you'll save time and money, and achieve your desired results more quickly. 


In thermolysis a high frequency alternating current is passed down the needle and produces destructive heat.

This process is also called: short-wave, diathermy, and high radio frequency electrolysis.

The Blend

The Blend uses a combination of Galvanic and Thermolysis.

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We recommend that you arrange a free private consultation, and then we can discuss all aspects of electrolysis and the advantages of multi needle GALVANIC electrolysis. We will explain how effective it is, and how it is not associated with any long-term damage your skin.

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